EDMSTUDIO creates software for museums. From feature exhibits to networked interactives that span entire galleries, EDM is always looking for ways to increase engagement by way of compelling digital experiences.

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TIMELINE is EDM’s customizable and scalable museum-quality touchscreen interactive for exploring historical events. Far more than just a collection of milestones plotted over time, TIMELINE provides visitors with a rich interactive journey. »

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EDM's Smart Exhibit Environment (SEE)

At EDM, we take an integrated approach to digital design and production. We offer a proven integrated software environment to our institutional and exhibit design clients. »

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The Science
of Rock 'n' Roll

At the Science of Rock ‘n’ Roll, EDM developed a unique suite of social interactives that encourage visitors to strap on their guitars, step up to the mic and become part of the show. »

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Interactive Learning Trails:
An RFID Success Story

Blog by Darran Edmundson, June 3, 2012

Darran Edmundson of EDM Studio and Glenda Smith of the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House (MoAD) gave a talk entitled “Interactive Learning Trails: An RFID Success Story” at the MuseumNext 2012 conference in Barcelona in late May. »


When widescreen just isn't wide enough, MOKIO extends the digital canvas and delivers a unique panoramic interface that attracts attention, piques curiosity, and invites exploration. »

Telus Spark

Telus Spark aims to re-define the role that a science centre can play in its community by fostering curiousity, creativity, collaboration and the skills of innovation. No small task, but EDM was up for the challenge. »